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On this page pictures of sold kittens will be published as I get photos from their new owners. Older pictures  you can find as usual on "litter page".


16th November 2012: a recent photo of three-year-old S*Älvdansens Wendela Hebbe ICS*Gunsmokes Maximus - S*Älvdansens Quinta Essentia) Thanks a lot, Eva and family!

S*Älvdansens Wendela Hebbe, 3 years.
Owner: Eva Lindvall

Who was Wendela Hebbe (1808-1899)? She is considered to be the first Swedish woman journalist who lived on her writing, and she was a very important person in the cultural life of 19th century Stockholm. Her granddaughter, the artist Mollie Faustman, gave name to one of the girls in the M-litter.


The other day I was so happy to get two recent photos of beautiful S*Älvdansens Kopernicus! Thanks, Carin!

S*Älvdansens Kopernicus, 9 years. Owner Carin Zaric, Eskilstuna

S*Älvdansens Kopernicus, 9 years. Owner Carin Zaric, Eskilstuna 

From my daughter I had these beautiful photos of  Quo and Cordelia -and their little housecat friend, the furball "Knytet":

S*Älvdansens Cordelia, 1,5 years (S*Glorfindel´s Shy Guy-S*Älvdansens Undine)

S*Älvdansens Quo Vadis, eight years (GIC S*Sherwoodskogens Hollyfield-S*Älvdansens Indra)

Their housemate, extremely charming little Knytet!

New pictures of handsome S*Älvdansens Dorian Gray "Simson" 
-thanks Carina & K-G, he looks gorgeuous!

S*Älvdansens Dorian Gray, 1 year&3months. Owner: Carina Björkman, Alvhem

From Eksjö in Småland I had Midsommer greetings from this cool guy:
S*Älvdansens Eskil (S*Glorfindel´s Shy Guy - S*Älvdansens Zelda)

S*Älvdansens Eskil, 1 year, three months. Owner Olivia Lindgren, Eksjö

Today 17 May, the National holiday of Norway, I had this fresh picture of 
beautiful S*Älvdansens Beatrice Portinari, 1,5 years! She is a daughter of 

S*Älvdansens Beatrice Portinari, 1,5 years. Owner Nina Erlandsson, Brämhult 

I proudly present Quinta´s and Maximus´ beautiful grandson Uran of Lepsoya´s Fjord*CH
(CH S*Älvdansens Ayer´s Rock NFO as 22 -Solveig of Lepsoya´s Fjord*CH NFO fs 09)

Uran of Lepsoya´s Fjord*CH, 7 months
Owner Moix family, Switzerland

S*Älvdansens Belinda, 1 ,5 years watching her playmates!
Owner Agneta Angselius, Nässjö

S*Älvdansens Belinda, 1 year and three months.
Owner Agneta Angselius, Nässjö

S*Älvdansens Botticelli, 1 year. Owner Eva Karlsson, Borås

S*Älvdansens Claudio, 1 year. Owner Eva Karlsson, Borås

CH S*Älvdansens Ayer´s Rock 1,5 years.
Owner Sarah Pillonel,  Lepsoyas Fjord*CH, Switzerland

S*Älvdansens Selma Lagerlöf, 6,5 years. Owner Eva Walther, Norway (N)Satyr´s

S*Älvdansens Eskil, 1 year. Owner Olivia Lindgren, Eksjö

S*Älvdansens Dorian Gray, 1 year. Owner Carina Björkman, Alvhem

Dorian sitting on "Dad´s" Ipad after finishing a game :-)

S*Älvdansens Ella, 1 year. Owner Gunilla Eriksson, Tidaholm

S*Älvdansens Bellini, 1 year. Owner Marie Hansson, Limmared

CH S*Älvdansens Vanessa Bell, 3,5 years. Owner Therese Egermark, Nykvarn

S*Älvdansens Beatrice Portinari, 1 year. Owner Nina Erlandsson, Brämhult
IC S*Myselisia´s Just for Fun, son of my Maximus. Owner Eleonor Nilsson, Svenljunga

IC S*Myselisia´s Just for Fun, son of my Maximus. Owner Eleonor Nilsson, Svenljunga

S*Älvdansens Beatrice Portinari, 6 months. Owner Nina Erlandsson, Brämhult


S*Älvdansens Dorian Gray, 6 months. Owner Carina Björkman, Alvhem

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