fredag 30 november 2012

Vackra damer på besök! Sweet ladies visiting!

Sedan en dryg vecka tillbaka är två av äldsta dotterns katter på besök: Quintas syster Quo Vadis och betydligt yngre S*Älvdansens Cordelia, nyss två år fyllda. Det är alltid intressant när katter kommer på besök och inte har träffat de andra på länge. Cordelia är visserligen född i huset, men har inte varit här sedan hon var kattunge. Hon promenerade in som om bara varit borta en liten stund! För "Tant Quo" var det lite jobbigare och hon tillbringade första dygnet med att fräsa åt allt och alla -för säkerhets skull mest för det var ingen som antydde att hon inte var välkommen! Sen kände hon sig tydligen hemmastadd och verkar trivas bland de andra.

Since the beginning of last week two of my oldest daughter´s cats are staying here: Quinta´s sister   Quo Vadis  and much younger S*Älvdansens Cordelia, who recently became two years old. It is always interesting to see what happens when cats that haven´t met for a long time come together. Cordelia was born in this house, but hasn´t been back since she left as a kitten. She walked straight in as if she had only been away for a few minutes! "Aunt Quo" found a little bit more harsh and she spent the first two days saying nasty words to everyone -just to be on the safe side because noone even hinted that she wouldn´t be welcome! After that she felt at home and now seems to enjoy her stay.

Mother Undine and Cordelia

Collaborating in the demolition of an old cat tree!

Beautiful Cordelia

Quo enjoys the fresh country air!

fredag 16 november 2012

New picture of lovely Wendela

Have a look in the gallery at a beautiful young lady: S*Älvdansens Wendela Hebbe, older sister of Ayer´s Rock below!
Thank you Eva for this wonderful photo of "Smilla"!

söndag 11 november 2012

Congratulations "Rocky"!

This weekend CH S*Älvdansens Ayer´s Rock was on show in Karlsruhe, Germany, together with his daughter Veija Lepsøya´s Fjord*CH.
They are both group 7 NFOs and on Saturday baby Veija become Best of Variety-total, and then nominated for BIS. Today it was dad´s turn to beat all the other gr 7 cats, and getting his third CACIB he also became International Champion.
I´m so proud of this beautiful boy and I´m so happy he is the care of Sarah, who gives him a wonderful home and life! Visit them at